3 November 2014

new name!


I have some exciting news! I have changed my blog name (and address)! my new blog can be found here! it is called 'under the papaya tree'. this is something I've been thinking about for a long time, as I wasn't happy with my previous name. I really like this one! this is a new blog, with the same content, but I need to finish up the design! (including a header!) but for now, I love my name!

anyway, with the new name comes a new era of blogging for me! I will be posting BETTER posts, but probably less frequently! that means no filler posts, and more crafts and fashion posts! yay!

bye for now!
georgina x

11 October 2014

a little break

at the moment, I am working on a SUPER important project at school, which requires most of my time and energy.

because of this, I will be taking a little break of 2-3 weeks, to focus on this project.

I will be drafting a couple of posts and taking photos though, so expect some posts after that break! I will also be taking a break off instagram, but I will reply to direct messages and emails.

anyway, talk to you later!
georgina x